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Our Mission

Out There Without Fear Dialogues allows universities and cultural institutions around the world to talk through central issues in Dancehall culture.



Jamaica is a global cultural powerhouse and yet the financial rewards have not matched the status of this cultural impact. We have to align what we give with what we are remunerated. We cannot continue to accept underpayment or underpay our own people. Wealth will come when Jamaicans no longer devalue themselves or each other. Jamaican dancers have flown all the way to Japan and received 100 US dollars. The program’s aim is a reorientation of the value of our culture. We are not just raw material. We can create exquisite high- priced end products. 

Everyone who is involved in Out There Without Fear Dialogues gets paid for their contributions. We seek to elevate our culture and monetise it. What are the ways we can see Jamaican culture beyond raw material for entertainment? How can we package the culture to make an exquisite high-end product for universities and intellectual institutions? What can we pay our people for sharing their creative expertise? What is the price point at which we can pay for Jamaican creativity? We hope to ignite a paradigm shift to create a new standard of compensation for Jamaican popular culture.

Pillars of Out There WIthout Fear Dialogues

    Multidisciplinary discussion

    All views are explored

    Cross-cultural exposure

    Diverse class backgrounds

    Provocative debate

    Student leadership

    Merging academia and embodied knowledge

    Controversial questions

    Premium Quality

    Black collaboration 

    Black excellence

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